A Different Kind of Checklist: Traveling with a Mental Illness
What Makes You Feel Alive? For Me, Traveling Does
A Trip to the East Coast, Dominican Republic
The Hola, Rita Team Shares Their First and Favorite Trips

So many great memories.

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5 Dominican Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now
Monthly Topic: Travel

Summer is around the corner and the Hola, Rita team is beyond excited about this month’s topic.

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El Chisme: April 2018

Otro mes, otro chisme del bueno.

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Interview: Katherine Gonzalez on Managing Her Time & Finances as an Entrepreneur

Keep your finances separate and stay happy. Wealth goes far beyond what’s in our pockets.

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The Hola, Rita Team Talks Money and How to Save More

The Hola, Rita team talks about some creative ways to save.

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