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Me Has Devuelto by Covi Quintana and More Inclusive Pictures of Love

Shoutout to artists using their art to paint more inclusive pictures of love in the Dominican Republic.

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Tiempo de Mangos Verdes and the Change in the Sex Dialogue in DR

Art and comedy can help us reflect about how we approach the sex conversation.

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Places We Like: Naturalis Te in Santiago, DR

A healthy and much-loved place we like in Santiago, DR!

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15 Expresiones de la Jerga Gastronómica Dominicana

Porque una cosa es hablar español y otra cosa es hablar dominicano.

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Event: Summer Food Fest in Santiago
A Trip to the East Coast, Dominican Republic
Interview: Patricia Grassals from Go Natural Caribe on Accepting Ourselves and Self-care

Meet the founder of Go Natural Caribe, a company helping women transitioning and caring for their natural hair. 

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Places We Like: La Mochila Cowork

Get to know La Mochila, a cowork space in Santo Domingo, DR. 

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Interview: Patricia Molina from Yoga Surya on Yoga, Self-care and Living in Harmony

La fundadora del centro de salud integral Yoga Surya nos comparte un poco de su mentalidad y por qué ama el yoga. 

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