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New Traditions: The Holidays in The Bronx

Navigating two cultures is something many Dominicans know all too well.

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Event: Glow Wellness Tour

A wellness conference for and by Latinas and women of color.

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Mental Health Resources - US & DR

A list of resources available to take care of your mental health.

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Places We Like: Ajo y Orégano

We visited the highly popular restaurant in the Bronx.

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Event: Hoboken Lean In Circle
Event: Machete al Machismo, Part 2 Dialogue on Misogyny in the Latinx Community

Conversations that are important. Conversations that begin to change norms.

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Places We Like: Chillhouse
Event: LatinXpresions

“The best thing that has happened to Dominican Republic is the diaspora.”

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Upcoming Event: An Intimate Conversao’ with Hola, Rita in NYC

We’re back with another event in NYC!

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